Digi Yatra Unique Identity – DY ID for Paperless Boarding of Domestic Flights

Dated: May 23, 2018 | Updated On: May 23, 2018 | Category: Central Government | By Ministry of Civil Aviation
Beneficiary of Scheme: Everyone |

Airports Authority of India (AAI) has finalized a new format for biometric based “Digi Yatra” for all airports. This new system will enable the domestic flyers to follow a paperless boarding process. A unique identity number will be given to the people to board domestic flights. Each traveller shall get this unique ID from an aviation ministry portal which is linked to their biometrics. Flyers needs to produce this unique DY ID at the time of booking domestic tickets.

This new format would not replace the already existing procedure but only those who wants a paperless boarding experience shall get this unique DY ID. Previously, Aviation Ministry has launched the Airsewa portal for grievance redressal of flyers which will now be used for Digi Yatra.

Aviation Ministry would soon launch an updated version of Airsewa Portal which will be called as Airsewa-II. This new Airsewa-II portal will contain the link for Digi-Yatra.

Digi Yatra Unique Identity (DY ID) for Booking Domestic Tickets

All the passengers needs to make enrollment at the link of Digi Yatra on the new Airsewa-II portal to get Unique Digi Yatra ID (DY ID) Number. For registration, each passengers needs to produce various ID proof like Aadhaar Card, Driving Licence etc. for verification purpose. After successful verification, each domestic flyer will be allocated a Unique DY ID Number.

Aviation Ministry will also ensure that the websites of various Airlines are also updated in order to provide this facility to the passengers. Domestic flyers can utilize this facility at the time of booking tickets. For the first time fair, a candidate possessing DY ID and ticket needs to take Photo ID Card and photograph with them. At the airport, the details and iris scan of the passenger will be captured which will remain in the system forever. Afterwards, whenever a person will travel then that will be a smooth and easy process.

Technical Committee comprising of AAI and 4 other private airports have sent this proposal to the Ministry for approval. After approval from the Ministry, DGCA will have to mandate it. In the first phase, this DY ID process will be implemented at 3 airports including Varanasi and Vijayawada.

How to Use Digi Yatra ID (DY ID)

All the entry points at the Airports will have the E-gate to read the Bar Code / QR Code at the ticket. This bar code contains the Digi Yatra (DY) ID and Ticket Information. The new system will be responsible to authenticate the travel details and the passenger needs to produce the bio-metric for authentication purpose. After a candidate successfully authenticates the ticket, E-Gate will open. A Passenger can access various services like check-in, security check, boarding using QR Code or bio-metric.

All the domestic flyers will use stored biometrics to authenticate identity at terminals. DY Linked Airline database will tell them about the flight they booked to ensure security. Moreover, this will also ensure access to boarding gate closure to flight departure time. These 3 processes will eliminate the need to show Paper ID Cards, Tickets and Boarding Cards on domestic flights.

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