MNRE National Wind – Solar Hybrid Policy 2018-19 Revealed by Central Govt.

Dated: May 15, 2018 | Updated On: May 15, 2018 | Category: Central Government | By Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
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Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has revealed National Wind – Solar Hybrid Policy 2018-19. This policy will provide a framework to promote large grid connected wind-solar PV hybrid system. Central government will lay special emphasis on efficient utilization of transmission infrastructure and land. The primary objective is to reduce variability in renewable power generation & to achieve better grid stability.

This new policy integrates both wind and solar energy sources at AC as well as DC level. In addition to this, the new policy will facilitate new hybrid projects and hybridisation of various existing wind / solar projects. Govt. will also launch a new scheme for new hybrid projects as soon as possible. consistently focusing on renewable energy sources in the past few years as the resources are limited in number. New Hybrid Policy aims at better utilization of resources. Also, govt. will be able to provide renewable power though these sources at a much competitive price with reduced variability.

National Wind – Solar Hybrid Policy 2018-19

National Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy will provide flexibility in share of wind and solar components under the hybrid project. However there is a precondition that the rated power capacity of 1 resource must be at-least 25% of the total rated power capacity of any other resource. After this precondition is satisfied, it must be a recognized hybrid project. The important features and highlights of the National Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy 2018-19 are as follows:-

  • All the already existing wind and solar projects will be hybridized with higher transmission capacity than the previously sanctioned project. For this bigger project, there must be an adequate availability of margin in the already existing capacity for transmission.
  • Another striking feature of this new hybrid policy is that the procurement of power will be done from a hybrid project. This would be a tariff based transparent bidding process. For this project, various governmental entities can invite bids or tenders.
  • National Wind – Solar Hybrid Policy 2018-19 will also allow the usage of battery for storage purposes in the hybrid projects to maximize / optimize the output. Moreover, this new policy will reduce the variability component.

All the regulatory authorities must formulate necessary standards and regulations which will regulate and monitors the wind-solar hybrid systems.

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